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Facial Trauma

Close up of a woman with facial painFacial trauma is a broad term that refers to a wide array of different issues that affect your face and mouth, including injuries to your soft tissues, facial and jaw bones, and your teeth. When you have suffered a traumatic facial injury, even if it does not seem all that serious at the time, it is essential that you seek treatment right away. Treating traumatic facial injuries often involves the care of many dental specialists. At Dental Arts of Frederick, we can help.

Types of Facial Trauma

There are several different types of facial trauma that you might experience. This includes:
•  Soft tissue lacerations. Lacerations can affect nerves, blood vessels, salivary glands, and salivary ducts. Depending upon the location, they can also affect your facial appearance.
•  Burns on your face or intraoral tissues.
•  Sinus cavity injuries.
•  Facial bone and jawbone injuries.
•  Dental injuries, such as cracked or chipped teeth, tooth intrusion, and avulsed teeth.

What Causes Facial Trauma?

Facial trauma can be caused by several different issues.
•  Automobile accidents. These accidents are the leading cause of facial trauma.
•  Sports related injuries, such as falling on the field, colliding with another player, or being hit with a ball or other piece of equipment.
•  Falls, such as a fall from a ladder, a fall down the stairs, or slipping and falling on ice.
•  Physical fights.

Importance of Treating Facial Trauma

There are several reasons why traumatic facial injuries need to be treated. One of the most obvious reasons for facial trauma treatment is the aesthetic issues that these injuries cause.

Additionally, depending upon the location of the injury, you may also be faced with difficulty breathing, speaking, or swallowing. Failure to treat facial trauma, even if it only seems minor at the time, can also lead to injuries such as loss of functionality and irregularities in your bite.

Injuries to Your Soft Tissues

Soft tissue injuries do more than affect your appearance. These injuries can impact the functions of your blood vessels, your nerves, your salivary glands, and your salivary ducts. Treating facial trauma injuries right away is crucial for restoring proper functionality. Treatment can also help to restore your facial aesthetics.

Bone Injuries

Injuries to your facial bones, including your jawbone, need to be set. However, unlike injuries to other bones, a cast cannot be placed. Instead, the bones need to be set another way. One way in which bones are set, particularly the jawbone, is with wiring. Using a wire, your jaws are secured closed and made immobile. While this helps the bone to heal, the movements of your mouth are very restricted. Plates and screws can also be used to set facial bones. This treatment allows you to use your mouth as you heal.

In many cases, the plates and screws are left permanently in place.

Injuries to Your Teeth

Dental injuries are common with facial trauma. Your teeth may become chipped or cracked. They may become pushed further into the socket or partially dislodged. In some instances, you may lose teeth. Treating these injuries is essential for restoring your oral health and the quality of your smile. Cracked and chipped teeth can become further damaged, compromising their structural integrity and leading to issues such as infections. Damaged teeth can be restored using dental crowns. Teeth that have been pushed into the socket or partially dislodged can be reset and secured with a splint. If you have suffered tooth loss, we can often replant the missing tooth and secure it with a splint. If your teeth are too damaged and require an extraction, or cannot be replanted, we can provide tooth replacement. There are several options for tooth replacement, including a bridge, a partial or full denture, and dental implants.

If you have suffered facial trauma, it is essential that you get treatment right away. For more information and to find out how we can help, call Dental Arts of Frederick today at 301-732-7277.


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