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Maxillofacial Prosthetics
Frederick, MD

Woman leaning againtst wall and smilingMaxillofacial prosthetics involves a wide array of treatments that are designed to aid in the rehabilitation of patients with congenital defects as well as issues that are acquired through such things as trauma, oral cancer, or neuromuscular conditions. Prostheses may be required to restore the functions of the mouth or to improve the facial appearance. At Dental Arts of Frederick, we can provide you with the maxillofacial prosthetics you need to improve your quality of life.

Who Needs Maxillofacial Prosthetics?

Maxillofacial prosthetics can benefit a wide array of different patients. These types of patients include those who:
•  Have suffered a traumatic injury.
•  Have undergone a surgical procedure to remove diseased tissue.
•  Have a neuromuscular disorder as a result of a stroke or ALS.
•  Were born without the full development of the palate, teeth, ears, or other tissue.

We work with ENTs, oral surgeons, neurologists, radiation oncologists, and other specialists to create maxillofacial prosthetics that help to greatly improve your quality of life.

Treatment for Cleft Lip or Palate

Cleft lip and cleft palate are congenital anomalies that children are born with. These conditions occur when the tissues on both sides of the faces do not fully fuse together, leaving a gap. Surgery is required to close these gaps, which improves feeding and helps to ensure proper speech development. While surgery is often done within the first year of life, it is not done right away. With maxillofacial prosthetics, we can temporarily close the gap until surgery is performed.

Neuromuscular Disorders

There are many types of neuromuscular disorders, including multiple sclerosis, ALS, muscular dystrophy, myopathy, Myasthenia Gravis, and more. Many of these disorders can cause complications in the maxillofacial region. For one, these disorders can make it difficult to take care of your mouth. They can also impact your ability to swallow, eat, breathe, speak, and more. We can create custom prosthetics to replace missing bone or tissue to help improve oral functions. Prosthetics can also aid in improving facial and oral aesthetics as well.

Extraoral Prostheses

There are some different extraoral prostheses that we can make. These include:
•  Ocular prostheses, which replace eyes.
•  Orbital prostheses. These prosthetics replace the eyes and the surrounding tissues.
•  Auricular prostheses, which replace the ears.
•  Nasal prosthesis, to replace the nose.
•  Radiation shield. A radiation shield is worn during radiation therapy. Its function is to help protect normal tissues.

Intraoral Prostheses

There are also several different types of intraoral prostheses that we can provide.
•  Surgical obturator prostheses. This prosthesis covers the palate following partial, or complete, loss of the upper jaw. It is used after surgery is performed for closure.
•  Interim and definitive obturator. This device covers the palate after partial or complete loss of the of the upper jaw due to a cleft palate. It is used to restore teeth and gums while also covering the hole in the palate, restoring swallowing, speaking, and eating.
•  Palatal lift prosthesis. This device helps the soft palate to assure correct positioning for proper speech.
•  Palatal augmentation prosthesis. This device alters the palate for proper speech.
•  Fluoride carrier. A fluoride carrier is a tray filled with fluoride gel, which helps patients suffering from dry mouth due to certain medications, radiation treatment, or certain medical conditions. The fluoride helps to protect the teeth from decay.

Maxillofacial prosthetics can help to restore your smile, your facial appearance, the functions of your mouth, and your quality of life. For more information on maxillofacial prosthetics, and to schedule your consultation, call Dental Arts of Frederick today at 301-732-7277.


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Maxillofacial prosthetics involves a wide array of treatments that are designed to aid in the rehabilitation of patients with congenital defects as well as issues that are acquired through such things as trauma and oral cancer.
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