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Placing Dental Crowns
Frederick, MD

Image of a dental crown being placed at Dental Arts of Frederick in Frederick, MD. Dental crowns are popular procedures all around the world. Still, not a lot of people know everything there is to know about the procedure. You may have researched the different types of dental crowns you can get. Yet until you know the procedure, you might live in fear.

There is nothing scary about the dental crown procedure. Dental crowns are cap-like structures added to the top of a damaged or chipped tooth after it has been prepared. These restorations provide safety to the tooth, which prevents further damage. With modern advancements, procedures like same day crowns can get you done in one appointment. At Dental Arts of Frederick, Kevin Oakes DDS and Dr. Kevin Oakes can provide you with all the information you will need before the procedure.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns fit the tooth and hold the damaged parts together. They restore function and look and feel much like your natural teeth. This means you can chew your favorite foods and attend your favorite parties without worrying about hiding that smile. Dental crowns don’t just look good. They can protect the teeth by adding structure to the oral anatomy. As they save the teeth from further damage, tooth loss is prevented, which maintains jawbone integrity over time.

What Does the Dental Crown Procedure Include?

Preparing for the dental crown procedure beforehand can rid you of your anxieties and allow you to explore the many benefits of ceramic crowns. The procedure is quite straightforward and doesn’t cause any discomfort. Our dentists start by numbing the tooth and surrounding gums with a local anesthetic. This is followed by drilling and removing damaged portions of the teeth to make space for the crown. It is a crucial step as proper space can improve the fitting of the crown.

If you choose same day crowns, you can get your dental crown in a day. Through the CEREC machine, your crown can be created in our office. The procedure will take just a few hours, and you can go home with a brand-new smile!

When Should I Get Dental Crowns?

Most clients don’t realize they need dental crowns before it is too late. Recognizing the early signs of tooth decay can save you from tooth loss. You may need dental crowns if your tooth has suffered trauma and is chipped. Moreover, damaged teeth can harm surrounding structures over time. Dental crowns may be able to save your teeth from further damage.

Consult a Doctor Today

A crown is a much easier and more viable solution than complicated procedures such as dental implants. You should try your best to save your teeth and use tooth removal as a final resort. Dental crowns may be a good solution if your teeth are partially damaged. Dental crowns are also much easier for people who cannot withstand complicated and long implant procedures. At Dental Arts of Frederick, we provide you with a choice between multiple types of dental crowns. You can choose your preferred material! Call 301-732-7277 to book a consultation today!


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