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Dental Arts of Frederick

Special Needs Patients
Frederick, MD

Smiling manAt Dental Arts of Frederick, we provide dental care and maxillofacial prosthetics for special needs patients. These patients may have been born with certain conditions or congenital birth anomalies. Other patients may have developed conditions that affect their ability to take care of their mouth. We work with a wide array of special needs patients, providing them with loving care and sensitivity.

Who are Considered Patients with Special Needs?

Patients with special needs include patients with:
•  Autism.
•  Down syndrome.
•  Cerebral palsy.
•  Neuromuscular disorders like multiple sclerosis, ALS, muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, and more.
•  Spinal cord injuries.
•  Alzheimer’s disease.
•  Dementia.
•  Other types of injuries or illnesses that can make standard dental care more difficult.

Creating a Comforting, Caring Environment

When it comes to providing dental care for special needs patients, a different approach is needed than how dental care is provided for other patients.

Moreover, the approaches need to be specialized to the needs of the specific patient. Caring for special needs patients requires compassion and caring, both things we strive to provide. We have undergone extensive training in providing care for all types of special needs patients, and we work to create a caring, comforting environment that makes patients feel safe.

We work with special needs patients and their caretakers to develop a customized treatment plan that helps to provide the patient with the best care possible while helping them to maintain optimal oral health. All of our staff, including our front office staff, hygienists, and dentists, have an increased awareness of the needs of special needs patients as well as increased awareness during dental treatment.

Sedation Options for Special Needs Patients

When it comes to getting dental care, sitting still is important. For special needs, patients, however, sitting still can be difficult. Remaining still is important for providing dental care in a safe, effective manner. To help special needs patients remain calm, comfortable, and still during any type of dental treatment, we provide a variety of sedation options to help.
•  Nitrous oxide. More commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a form of mild conscious sedation. It is an inhaled sedative that is mixed with oxygen and administered through a mask worn over the nose. Nitrous oxide helps patients to feel more at ease while remaining completely conscious. The effects of this sedation wear off within minutes after the procedure is over.
•  Oral sedation. Oral sedation is a form of moderate conscious sedation that involves taking a sedative by mouth. This sedative takes about 30 minutes to take effect and puts patients in a sleepy, but still conscious, state. The effects of this type of sedative can linger for several hours.
•  IV sedation. IV sedation is another form of moderate conscious sedation that is delivered directly into the bloodstream through a needle in the arm or in the back of the hand. This type of sedative takes effect almost instantly and can be controlled throughout treatment. Like oral sedation, patients are in a sleepy, but conscious state and the effects can linger for several hours.

No matter what type of sedation is used, patients are monitored throughout treatment to ensure safety. Before using sedation, we can go over the options with the patient and the caretaker to determine the best type of sedation to meet the needs of the patient.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help provide care for special needs patients, give Dental Arts of Frederick a call today at 301-732-7277.


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Special Needs Patients | Frederick, MD - Dental Arts of Frederick
At Dental Arts of Frederick, we provide dental care and maxillofacial prosthetics for special needs patients. These patients may have been born with certain conditions or congenital birth anomalies.
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