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CBCT machineIn addition to your, daily oral care routine, professional dental care is essential for maintaining a healthy mouth. To help you keep your mouth healthy, we use a variety of different tools and technologies. At Dental Arts of Frederick, advances in dental technology have allowed us to provide you with a high-quality of care, improving the outcomes of your treatments and your overall patient satisfaction.

CBCT Panorax

A CBCT panorax is a 3-dimensional image that is taken of the structures in your mouth, including your teeth, your jawbone, your sinus cavities, your joints, your muscles, and other tissues. It is a quick, simple process that involves a cone-shaped x-ray beam. You sit at the machine, and the beam rotates around your head, taking several images as it does. The whole process takes less than a minute.

Once the scan is complete, the images are pieced together to create a single 3D image that is displayed almost instantly on a computer monitor. With CBCT panorax images, we can diagnose a variety of different issues, determine your need for a bone graft, and determine optimal implant placement.

An intraoral scanning device

Intraoral Scanner

An intraoral scanner allows us to take a digital impression of your teeth and gums. We use a top-of-the-line device known as the TRIOS scanner. This device takes hundreds of photos per second to produce a detailed, colored, and three-dimensional visualization of your mouth. Digital impressions have revolutionized the way we place dental implants. It can also give us a detailed look at minor instances of tooth decay and gum disease.
A screen showing digital impressions

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions provide an alternative to messy, uncomfortable impression putty. Instead, we use an intraoral wand to take an impression of your teeth and gums. These impressions are quick and accurate, preventing the need for multiple impressions. This can also aid in the creation of much more accurate dental restorations. Additionally, digital impressions have greatly improved the patient experience.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a digital advancement over the traditional handheld mirror you are more accustomed to. This tool consists of a handheld wand about the size of a large pen. On one end of the wand, there is a small optical camera. The other end of the wand is connected to a computer. As the camera is moved around in your mouth, we can see your mouth in real-time on a monitor. In addition to seeing real-time images, we can also take stills. This gives us the opportunity to examine different areas of your mouth more closely while allowing you to relax in the process.

Isolite System

The Isolite System allows us to achieve better visibility and moisture control, improve efficiency and clinical results while ensuring your safety and comfort. Providing unparalleled control of the oral environment through improved visibility, oral humidity control, and minimizing the chance of accidental contamination.

isovac in use

Isovac System

The Isovac System allows us to control moisture and humidity throughout the oral cavity, by simultaneously providing tongue and cheek retraction, along with continuous suction. This quieter technology makes your experience as comfortable as possible.

Porcelain Ovens

Many dental restorations today are made using porcelain. This material can be stained to match the exact color of your natural teeth. It also reflects light just like your natural tooth enamel. With porcelain restorations, we can perfectly restore or improve the quality of your smile.

A porcelain oven, also called a porcelain furnace, is a technology that enables us to create a variety of different natural-looking restorations including crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, and bridges. After your restoration has been milled, it is placed inside of the porcelain oven. The oven heats up to very high temperatures, which fuses the particles inside the porcelain or ceramic. This creates a very strong restoration.

In-Office Lab

In the past, making restorations meant sending impressions off to an off-site lab. As a result, it could take several weeks for your final restoration to be completed and sent back. Even after the restoration was complete, it still might require adjustments, which meant even more waiting. Today, we have an in-office lab. This means that we can create your dental restorations right here in the office. In many cases, this means getting your dental restorations in a single appointment, avoiding the need for additional visits. You also avoid the need for temporary restorations.

If adjustments are needed, they can be completed in the same appointment, allowing you to leave the office after one appointment with your smile, and your oral health, restored.


To keep both our team and patients safe, we have added the Safe-T-Shield to our practice. By creating a broad negative pressure zone directly above the oral cavity, the Safe-T-Shield provides more powerful evacuation of patient exhalation than single-point oral suction devices. The Shield also provides an absolute barrier to droplet and bioburden ejection while still allowing comfortable access to treat our patients.


The Aegis Aerosol Vacstation is a multi-filtration unit that removes up to 99.97% of all airborne particulates and pathogens (down to 0.3um size), decreasing the potential spread of infections and diseases.

Advances in dental technology have allowed us to greatly improve your quality of care as well as your overall patient experience. For more information on the technology in our office, contact Dental Arts of Frederick at 301-732-7277 today.


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In addition to your, daily oral care routine, professional dental care is essential for maintaining a healthy mouth. To help you keep your mouth healthy, we use a variety of different tools and technologies.
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